Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Importance of Prison Officers Intelligence Reports

In R v Robertson & Ors [2015] QCA 11 the importance of the Prison Intelligence is highlighted and supports the proposition for increased training amongst Prison Officers and the un-restricted opportunities for up-skilling.

"The appellants were convicted after a trial of the murder of Robert James Buckley on 16 June 1999. On that date, he and they were inmates of 10 Block at Etna Creek Correctional Centre. His body was found hanging in a shower cubicle at about 5.30 pm. The Crown case was that the appellants had assaulted and then killed Mr Buckley around lunch time that day, with suicide excluded as a rational hypothesis. The case against each appellant was put on alternative bases - as principal or aider - under s 7 of the Criminal Code. None of the appellants gave or called evidence."

To read this case, follow the link below. You will note that the case relates, in part, to the importance and relevance of hearsay evidence.

Source: Supreme Court of Queensland Library, R v Robertson & Ors [2015] QCA 11 (1 May 2016) <>

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